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Tell me about it. It went on way too long and they messed up by having Wade go into a kind of serious relationship with Vivian and her child. I get it was suppose to show Wade's growth, but the writers drug out the reunion too long and let those relationships last longer then needed. Nothing and I mean nothing was enjoyable about Vivian and Wade. In fact I don't wat their scenes. I watch Zoe's jealous scenes of them, but when W/V are alone, I skip that. No thank you. And the only thing I enjoyed about Joel was Wade buddying up to him and watching it drive Zoe insane. I nearly spit my drink out when Wade told Zoe he couldn't help that her boyfriend found him irresistible. LOL typical Wade. Also, when Wade would cracks jokes to Zoe and Joel tried to stop from laughing and couldn't help himself and Zoe would get so aggravated at Wade. IMHO, they should have wrapped both relationships up quicker and focused back on Wade and Zoe connecting more without partners in the way, before leading up to their actual reunion. It would have saved most of Season 3 IMHO. I feel cheated that we didn't get anything from them on the mend, til episode 20 of that season. I mean, we got some intense looks and jealousy from them both during 3x01, jealous Zoe over Vivian, the hay maze kiss, which literally made Zoe weak in her knees and that was it, til the end. I wanted more. it also boils my blood that the writers had Zoe telling Joel she loved him, after what Wade told her, then made us wait nearly a year/whole season after Wade told her, he loved her, to even hear Zoe say she loved Wade too. It was just all frustrating. Felt like a slap in the face.
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