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Originally Posted by RissB_23 (View Post)
Yeah, I feel like there could have been other ways to break them up. But in season 4 I feel like all Zoe's denial of still loving Wade made sense after it all.
Yep and Joel was her distraction from her real feelings for Wade. Something she had been trying to suppress because she was scared to admit to herself that she loved him. I remember someone said, oh Zoe wants Wade now that Joel is gone and she sees he's moving on with someone else. I never saw it that way. Joel was her escape from her true feelings, like Lemon pointed out. I don't think Zoe had this moment where she decided to go for Wade and decided to subconsciously wreck his relationship with Vivian (which she did) just because she was single, suddenly. It was because with Joel out of the picture, she couldn't hide her real feelings for him any longer. She just had nothing distracting her any longer.

So the shoe ended up on the other foot and it was no longer Wade pretending to not be in love with her, it was now her pretending to not be in love with Wade. Which I actually enjoyed seeing for a change. We had seen Wade fight from the moment he met her for something with her. We saw him fight his feelings before, during and after their relationship for her. So for me, it felt rewarding seeing her go through the same emotions he had gone through for a change. Seeing her try to seduce him and win him over, like he always did for her. It was great to see, even if it was only for a few episodes, compared to his nearly 4 years, but still I enjoyed it.
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