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And thank goodness it all worked out, when Wade gave one of his most heartfelt speeches that would make the earth move for any girl. *SIGH* no running after that.

Life is full of uncertainties, Zoe... but if you have one thing, just one thing that you know is true, you hold onto that. And the one thing that I am sure of, is that you are the love of my life, Zoe Hart. And I know that together when can handle anything. Even a baby. So will you please... please give us another chance.

The way he kept saying 'please' to her. Lord, even I wanted to marry him after that speech. Actually even before the speech, but that speech was a swoon worthy moment for sure.
"you are the love of my life, zoe hart." ~ Wade Kinsella 4x03 (hart of dixie)
"i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you." ~ Zoe to Wade 4x10 (hart of dixie)
"pacey I love you, you know that and it's very real." ~ Joey to Pacey 6x24 (dawson's creek)
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